Characteristics Of The Leading Generation -1



Praise to Allah who created humanity and educated his servants with his rules. Peace be upon his long suffering prophet who worked day and night to prepare his companions to make them pioneers of the Ummah and greetings to his companions and greetings to all our brothers and sisters who have and are serving in this cause.

In the first issue, I’ve written a bit about the need of the leading generation and who the leading generation is. In this issue, I would like to describe the characteristics of the leading generation.

Those who want to change ages and worlds where they live in, they must first change themselves and gain some qualifications. Because, those who do not make reforms in their inner world, can’t make reforms in the worlds, those who do not change their desires, can’t change anything, those who do not gain needed qualifications, can’t provide great services to their cause. Those who can change their desires, can change ages, can change authorities, can change those who are slaves of power and they can change desires of others. ”The fact is that Allah never changes the condition of a people until they intend to change it themselves.”1

Those who are not painted with the color from God, how can they paint people with that divine color? How can those who decolorized against the physical, material and psychological pressures, fight against the superstition? Those who do not show the courage to show their true colors, how can they achieve their goals?

The Leading Generation is the generation which is colored with the color from God and they are proud of that color.” Who is better than Allah at coloring. We are His worshippers.”2. Just as the color works inside the cloth, so the divine color must be embroidered in all our particles. Just as it is obviously seen when you look at the color so this divine color must be visible on us. Just as the difference between colors is clear, so our difference from other civilizations should be clear and seen.

The dye of Allah (cc) is the religion He sent. The soul of this religion is tawhid. It is to disregard any god but Allah, namely, no authority to comply with other than Allah. As every creature submits itself to him, human beings should submit themselves to him, too. And they should not attempt to share his authorization. Since everything belongs to him, then, what he says must occur. Since, he is the best conversant with anything, then, what he says must happen. The Leading Generation is giving fight for this.

Allah, colors his servants with his own dye by sending us principles of belief, a form of worship, morally extends, decretal on the judiciary.He protects us from being colored by any other dyes. He prevents our color not to fade under the effect of other civilizations by instructing to us to establish our own civilization.

The Leading Generation is not a radical generation which is devoid of spirituality, but is a divine one. It contemplates by reading the universe book; knows about Allah (cc) (Marifetullah); loves it owing to knowing (Muhabbetullah); struggles on his way (jihad). It is a man of belief, worship and moral. It is a generation which has gotten the pleasure of belief and has changed not only the ideas but also its life. It makes people, who know about it, say “Where did they obtain this moral?”.

Divines do not step back, appease about issues of fardh or haram. They treat tolerantly taking advantage of large circle of the religion on issues which are not fardh or haram. People, who think that they are on the side of Allah without acquiring the true belief and Muhabbetullah, without glamorizing their morals and worships, are not accounted divine, no matter how much radical they are.

The Leading Generation does not compromise with superstition, does not haggle on belief, does not accept any offer for dispensing with the cause, as the highest messenger, whom they call “My prophet”, did not accept. Because, they are Furqan as their book is. Their task is to reveal and sort the truth from superstition about any matter. If they reconcile with superstition, it is not possible for them to accomplish the task of being Furqan.

The Leading Generation knows that the dignity belongs to Allah, his Prophet and Muslims. “But all nobility belongs to God and His messenger, and the believers. However, the hypocrites do not know”3

Despite falling behind in the level of development today, it does not forget the glorious civilizations that it established in history, it knows that it is superior in terms of belief, morals and civilization principles. It aims not to participate in another civilization, but to constitute its own civilization. “So lose not heart, nor fall into despair: For you must gain mastery if ye are true in Faith.”4

The divine Leading Generation is, as its Lord says, “humble toward believers, stern toward disbelievers”5. It shows glorious attitude towards tyrant. Because, modesty towards tyrant is not modesty but is abasement. Nobility towards downtrodden is not nobility, but is arrogance. For this reason, the Leading Generation is noble in front of unbelievers, no matter how powerful they are; it is humble and soft hearted towards Muslim brother and sisters even if they are weak and powerless.

No matter how strong the infidels and the tyrants are, they will not daunted in front of them and will not bow down to them. “And how many a prophet has had to fight [in God’s cause], followed by many Rabbani’s (God-devoted men): and they did not become faint of heart for all that they had to suffer in God’s cause, and neither did they weaken, nor did they abase themselves [before the enemy], since God loves those who are patient in adversity;”6

They can’t make friends with the enemies of Islam.

“Let not the believers make unbelievers their protectors rather than the believers; anyone who does so will have nothing to hope for from Allah”7

They can’t agree to form alliances with them, support their occupation of the Middle East and then call them strategic alliances or taqiyya (dissimulation). Because such a strategy or dissimulation is forbidden in Islam.

The Godly Leading Generation, follows the method of activism that does not depend on the time and circumstances which the Lord showed to all the prophets and to our Prophet (saw). They do not put their wisdom and mind ahead of Allah and Rasulullah (saw). O believers! Do not put yourselves ahead of Allah and His Rasul. Fear Allah;8

It is not duty of wisdom to put a new method of movement, but understand and follow the movement method that his Qur’an and circumcision revealed.

All the prophets have invited their societies to Tawhid, invited them not to worship to servants but obey only Allah. They didn’t dig a pit for them by pretending to be like them. Those who care even about small Sunnah’s, why they do not give importance to the Godly method of activism, which is the common and greatest circumcision of all prophets?

The Leading Generation is stoic. They feel uneasiness and suffer because of the situation which their nation in. They light like candles, enlighten themselves and their surroundings.

The Leading Generation is enterprising generation, they can’t stand their place, they always move forward.

The Leading Generation is in love with their cause, they can’t think of anything else. There is no place for anything else in their hearts. They are like a bullet focused and locked to their target.

The Leading Generation is a fruit-bearing generation. The trees will dry when they do not bear fruit, and they can’t give fruit when they are dried up. Like this, the Leading Generation knows they will dry up if they do not bear fruit.

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