Characteristics Of The Leading Generation -2



Praise to Allah, the only owner and the Lord of the people and the universe; salutation to the long-suffering Prophet (sas), the best example in patience and manners and to all of those who have tried to carry this flag.

In the June print, I began to describe the characteristics of the leading generation and said, “The trees can’t bear fruits when they’re dry, and the leading generation knows that they will be dry out when they not bear fruits.” I want to continue where I left the topic.

The leading generation is the enterprising and beany generation who does not sit idly by saying the verse “Therefore when you are free from your daily task, devote your time to the labor of worship.’’1

It is a patient generation who is examined with non-drinking from the river when it goes to the war, not like the Israelites who have lost the test and drank and left the army, when it is said “Do not drink from the water”, submissive and non-drinking generation even it does not know the meaning of reason and wisdom.

“When the Talut leaves with the soldiers for the jihad: ‘Know that Allah will test you with a river. The one who drinks is not with me, except who drink with a handful of hands. The one who does not drink is with me’ said. They all, except few of them, drank from the river.”2

It is a generation that will be patient with the examinations, patient enough to be able to dig well with a needle, will not give up when the road is long and when can’t reach to the victory in a short time, a generation that will remember emerging of a chicken from a egg in 21 days, the birth of a camel in about 12 months and that great blessings are giving at a great price and under long time.

It is a submissive generation like Sa’d b. Muaz (r.a.) who said in Bedir ‘‘Truely if you dive, we will dive with you, not even one of us will hesitate.’’, not like the Israelites who said ‘‘You and your Lord go to war, we will sit here.’’3 to Musa (a.s).

It is a generation that has faith when it is between the sea and pharaoh’s army. It does not say: “Alas, caught!”, but:“Not at all! My Lord is with me; he will show me a way out.”4

It will not be exhausted in the face of difficulties. When they encounter a hill, they will not say “This is the end”, but pass over, when they encounter a mountain, they will dig a tunnel and go thrust through, when they encounter a river, they will build a bridge and walk across, when they encounter an ocean, they will build a ship and sail. It is a generation that will surely pass in any case. Because the leading generation has burned there ships. “And surely we shall try you with something of fear and hunger, and loss of wealth and lives and crops; but give good tidings to the patient.”5

The leading generation put the world where it should be and divid the life of this world with its blessings. It gives importance to the world life because in the end there is heaven or hell. But it does not care about the blessings of this world, because it is temporary and simple compared to the blessings of the hereafter.

“The fervent desires of women, and sons, and the accumulation of heaps of gold and silver, indulgence towards crops, were made attractive to men. These are the temporary interests of world life. But the good place to be reached is by Allah. Say: Do I tell you better than these? For piety owners, there are heaven, rivers flowing from within, eternal life, and Allah’s pleasure (above all). Allah will see his servants very well.”6

With the Qur’an’s expression: “The world life is just a game and fun. The hereafter is definitely better for piety owners.”7

When it is necessary, it will sacrifice the world’s favors for the hereafter, but it will not sacrifice the hereafter to reach the blessings of this world. It is not a generation bound to the world like the Jews, who wants to live 1000 years.

“You will find them the greediest of men for life, even greedier than the polytheist (mushrikin); each one of them wishes that he could be given a life of a thousand years.”8 It is satisfied with the case and the correctness of the method because of knowing the topics with proof from the Qur’an and Sunnah, which means that it is a generation that will not believe and will not return from its path when it is said by hundreds of professors sold or diverted “Your case or your method is wrong.” “To the righteous soul, it will be said: “O fully satisfied soul! Return to your Rabb, well pleased with Him and well-pleasing to Him.”9

The leading generation has a strategy. It takes its strategy from the Qur’an and Sunnah as well as the method. Whoever wants to dispatch to another destination, the leading generation does not deviate from their goal.

The leading generation follows the pattern of the movement that is appropriate to the Sunnah.

The Qur’an says “Allah will not change the society unless a nation changes what is in their own souls”10, therefore Allah will not change what he has given us unless we change ourselves. In that case, if we don’t change our desires, even if the governments change nothing will change at all.

There is no reverse gear in the Qur’an as well as in the leading generation. It does not step back, do not compromise on the principles of faith, the fardh and harams.

“So do not yield to the unbelievers. They desire you to compromise a little, so they too would compromise.”11

The leading generation takes his prophet as an example when it is uncompromising and permissive. It does not be softer or tougher than the messenger of Allah (sas)

“O believers! Do not put yourselves ahead of Allah and His Rasool. Fear Allah; surely Allah hears all and knows all. ”12

A generation who has learned Islamic sciences, positive sciences and political sciences, and who has a scientific knowledge that guides the movement in the light of Qur’an and Sunnah.

Because, without kneeling for years, without collecting the basic Islamic sciences, without specifying red lines, they will be directed and deflected according to the wind.

They will defend their rejected methods and even ideologies. Those who do not learn the issues with scientific proofs and those who do not deepen in science will be directed by the social engineers as they desire.

The leading generation is a disciplined generation. It is like the water in the dam, not the water flowing from the mountain. It is controlled, not uncontrolled, has potential energy, produces services. It obeys the elders of the cause, does not interfere and delay the task unless explicitly commanded. There eyes are with tears, there faces are with smiles and there hearts are bright.

“The true believers are those whose hearts tremble with fear, when the name of Allah is mentioned, and whose faith grows stronger as they listen to His revelations and they put their trust in their Rabb.”13

It does prayers with pleasure. As revealed in the Qur’an about those who are with the Prophet (sas): “You see them bowing and prostrating [in prayer], seeking bounty from Allah and [His] pleasure.”14

They are indeed with there Lord, while alone or with people. It can’t think of anything else accept Him and His cause.

The leading generation believe that sustenance and death are only once in life. Generosity will not reduce the sustenance or stinginess will not increase the sustenance. Courage will not reduce the life span or cowardice will not extend the life span. Believing these, neither they are afraid of his sustenance nor death.

The leading generation is not like the sailing vessels waiting for the wind to move, is like the ferry that goes whether the wind blows or not. It is self-engined. It does not expect events and the environment to be appropriate. Genuine faith put them into action. The faith that doesn’t put a human into movement is not a genuine faith.

Next time I want to complete this task by explaining the mission of the leading generation…


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