Duties Of The Leading Generation – 1



Praise to Allah who does not leave his servants to be at a loss and as ramblings by sending prophets and the books. Peace be upon his altruistic and long-suffering prophet who passed away from the world by duly perform his duties. And peace be upon all my brothers and sisters who endeavor to carry his trusts.

In the previous issue İ have described the characteristics of the Leading Generation and İ have stated that in this issue i will describe duties of the Leading Generation.

I had explained qualification of the Leading Generation in previous issue and i had stated that i will explain duties of the Leading Generation in this issue. Let’s start to subject.

The Leading Generation is a generation; which takes responsibility itself, has consciousness of “if something is difficult today, it will be difficult tomorrow as well” , is aware of its duties and does not think of the end, but thinks to fulfill its duty. İt is the generation which follows no other signs but only the ones that Allah(swt) shows us in His Holy Book (Qur’an), follows methods and strategies that shown by Allah(swt) even if it does not know their ends, and puts its trust in Allah(swt).

When the revelation came to our Prophet(saw) and Prophecy was given, he was excited and unable to sleep. In such a state Khadijah (ra) came to him and said “O Messenger of Allah, get some sleep.”

Our Prophet(saw) replied by saying “O Khadijah, age of sleep had already passed”. The Leading Generation is consisted of; men of duty who feel uneasiness of their society and humanity, do not get good night’s sleep and do not forget that comfortable life is not acceptable nowadays.

The mission of the Leading Generation is abolition of serving to servants. The Leading Generation is in a struggle against shirk and their representatives, not against Muslims. On the contrary, it tries to get along with Muslims as much as possible.

It knows that its mission is to struggle until there is no more shirk, oppression and the Deen of Allah (way of life prescribed by Allah) is established completely all over the world. Just as Ansar who pledged their allegiance by taking risk although they were warned about risk of these when they had come from Madinah to pledge their allegiance to Our Master(saw).

El Abbas bin Ubadah bin Nadilah (ra) asked them; “Do you know that what is the meaning of Duties the pledging your allegiance to this man?”, They answered; “Yes, we know”. Then he warned them about what they will be exposed by saying ; “You pledge your allegiance in order to fight against all people including red and black skin.Leave him right now, if you surrender him when you see your goods perish by meeting disaster and your notables are killed”.And even As’ad bin Zurarah (r.a) told them “O the people of Yathrib, do not be hurry. Taking Him from His land to our side means leaving from whole Arabs, being murdered of our notables, being slaughtered your bodies with swords. İf you will be patient against these, take him with you. Allah will reward you.”

Duties of Leading Generation are separating truth and falsehood by becoming “Furqan”. There is truth and falsehood on every matter. Allah’s (swt) statements are truth but people’s and ideologies’ statements which contrarians to Him (swt) are falsehood. The Leading Generation does not tell “İ narrate truth only, people already realize falsehood” but they narrate falsehood as well. Because falsehood never fell down and it will never fall down without saying it falsehood.

They (men of leading generation) do not have duty and right such as settling with falsehood and haggling over faith to propagate their struggle and accelerate headway. Because this religion is not their own notion. Therefore, they do not have a right to interfere in it and to make it moderate. Moreover, it won’t be possible to achieve duty of being Furqan, if they do not state truth is truth and falsehood is falsehood.

The Leading Generation uncovers ayahs (which are) hidden or got forgotten and demonstrates basics of religion. Al-Qur’an says: ”İndeed, those who conceal what We sent down of clear proofs and guidance after We made it clear for the people in the Scripture – those are cursed by Allah and cursed by those who curse.”1 then it says: ”Your deity is one deity.”2 in order to sign what truth hidden is. Today, the basic truth which is got people forgotten is “No deity (authority, position to which is obeyed) but Allah”. Meaning of Deity and Rabb was not taught to people and even it was taught wrong on purpose. Deity and Rabb was told as creator and people was made believed in Allah who just creates, provides but doesn’t rule and order.

However, Al-Qur’an says: “Unquestionably, the creation and the command belongs to Allah”. 3 There is the idea of Allah who does just creates, provides, forgives in church, synagogue, even Mecca idolaters as well. Al-Qur’an doesn’t emphasize existence of Allah too much, address comments to atheists. Because, their numbers have been very few in all times. Even polytheist idolaters in Mecca believed in Allah and His angels, had pilgrimage to the Kaaba, even some of them gave zakah (alms/purification works) in their opinions. But they didn’t accept the Prophet, the book and Hereafter.

They did not want Allah who, intervenes in their lives by sending messengers and books, calls people at Hereafter to account for what they did on earth. So, they idolized creatures which do not send messengers and books, do not rule, do not call them to account, and then, they lived no matter how they wanted. Therefore, Al-Quran emphasizes on shirk because the ones who believe without shirk are very few.

Al-Qur’an always mentions that servants mustn’t be served, what Allah wants has to be taken place in His world, authority to rule belongs to Allah as property belongs to Him. That’s why, the Leading Generation emphasizes on this basic belief which is hidden and got forgotten. İn a (loyal) faithful dream in which, İ talked to Martyr İmam Hassan al-Banna, the number “1” was shown to me in a great, bright and fine shape. İt was implied that İ should emphasize on this, Tawheed. At the same time, this explains the duty of the Leading Generation as well.

The ones who, say “We do not need the things coming from God, wisdom is enough for us”, even go further and want people to obey the science instead of revelation and the leaders instead of Allah and His Prophet, by saying; ”God is dead, we killed him”.They have destroyed the generation and the economy by generating -incivilized generations who have become servants of their Nafses and their leaders and capitalist regimes in which all capital has been gathering in the hands of giant firms- instead of free generations.

Allah (swt) says about them “And when he goes away, he strives throughout the land to cause corruption therein and destroy crops and animals. And Allah does not like corruption.”4

The mission of the Leading Generation is to struggle against the ones who corrupt the human being and the economy by putting principles of civilisation without knowing the human being and without caring the guidance of the Creator, to say stop to them, to reform the Nafs at first, to make Allah dominant over the hearts and the lands, then, to regulate the economy, to install Justice of İslam by terminating the relentless capitalism.

In a hadith, the Prophet (s.a.w) likens the society to a ship; He figures that the ones who sat at down floor are trying to drill the basement instead of going up to the deck to meet their water requirement, the ones who are at the up floor have to avoid them, otherwise all of them are going to drown together. The ones who deem themselves free and think as “İ am drilling the place where belongs to me” should know that we all are on the same ship, there is no other ships. The mission of the Leading Generation is to avoid the ones who, earn money in an unjustly way in the manner to drill the society ship.

To avoid the ones who eat, drink, wear, put rules, fabricate ideologies without consideration of Haraam-Halal, corrupt the human being and the society, constitute an uneasy society and not to let the ship got drilled. Every Haraam is a beat which is beaten to drill the society ship. The leading generation doesn’t capsize the ship and doesn’t make things worse while trying to avoid this beat and saving the ship from those oppressors and ignorants.

The Leading Generation is not anarchist, but is a mujahid(jihader-he who struggles through right ways for his belief). İt does not forget that the salvation of society depends on the salvation of the individuals. The Prophetic revolutions aren’t done by despotism, but by reform. Because despotism doesn’t reform the Nafs, it doesn’t enable AnNour(light) to penetrate to hearts, on the contrary, it gets people to hate.

The Leading Generation follows the method and strategy of its Prophet. Just as our Prophet prayed at Kaaba among Mooshreks, in front of their eyes, just as the Muslims resound the Kabaa with Takbirs, they rumble the truth, don’t hide it on their Rabb’s order of “Then declare what you are commanded and turn away from the polytheists.” But they followed strategies that don’t establish anarchy in the society.

The Leading Generation is just like them. Al-Qur’an orders to the Prophet(saw) and the Muslims as the first step of Mecca strategy “Do not obey to the unbelievers”5-6. But it does not order “Give assault”. İt shows a balanced strategy which does not capsize the ship. İt forbade the obedience to the Kaafirs(unbelievers), taught and ordered the Muslims struggling; stabilized them, saved them from corrupting by not obeying to Kaafir; but, it did not cause anarchy and did not strengthen Kaafir propagandists’ hands.

The Leading Generation neither accepts capsizing the ship while trying not to let the ship got drilled, nor understatement on behalf of preventing overdoing in order not to capsize the ship, nor loosing the spirit of struggle, nor dropping the Jihad and the struggle completely, nor the submissive thinking.

The ones who can’t achieve a balanced strategy won’t be able to achieve a balanced movement; the ones who can’t achieve a balanced movement won’t be able to achieve their goals.

The Leading Generation is responsible for leading its people, squaring the circle/getting from a flint, telling the truth of Tawheed which abstained from telling and holding the honorable flag of İslam in this age. İn a loyal(faithful) dream which was shown to a sincere and faithful brother of us, Hz. Abu Bakr (r.a) who came next to a tremendous crowd gathered in Medina, gave the flag of İslam to us although many people didn’t please this and they envied. And he said “This flag is a right of cause men”. Then, the Leading Generation is honored and entrusted by holding this flag.

This honorable flag which, came us with the efforts of millions of martyrs and many sincere Muslims, is handed over to us now, was given to the Leading Generation to plant it on bastions. The Leading Generation has to be prepared by anticipating this. İt has no right to leave the hard works and decisions upon it(responsibility for) to tomorrow’s generations. Wish to continue the subject in the next issue.


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