We Didn’t And We Will Never Recognize Israel



On December 10th 2017 the Furkan Movement organized an “Al-Quds-meeting” in Adana / Turkey, where Imam Alparslan Kuytul made a speech in Arabic to his Palestinian brothers

In the name of Allah (s.w.t) , the most gracious and most merciful. Praise be to Allah and blessings and peace be upon our prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) , his family and his Companions.

As the Furkan Movement, we say to our Palestanian brothers: Oh Our Brothers! Indeed, Allah has granted you by making you the protectors of the holy land which he blessed.

Continue your jihad with Allah’s blessing.Be constant untill all sacreds and Palestine is free. We are with you and indeed we do not withhold anything from you.

We thank you for protecting Palestine and making jihad on the path of Allah for 100 years.

May Allah (s.w.t) elevate your Martyrs and reward them with superior Firdaws Heaven. May Allah accept your jihad on his way, though, the Muslims do not help you honestly, they do not execute their responsibilities and yet more, some Arab countries plot against you, betray you, sell out you.

Oh Muslims! Keep in your mind that the freedom of Palestine begins with, firstly, by changing yourselves and by learning your religion Islam in a real sense and by fulfilling the necessities of jihad. With a comprehensive jihad which, does not posses overdoing and understatement, does not deviate to right or left…

Secondly, by taking action against your cruel regime. Because, they are the first line of defence (protectors) of enemy Israel.

As long as the Muslims do not step into action in their countries, do not make jihad on the way of Allah and do not make Islam dominant over their countries, they will never set Palestine free from Israel’s occupation. Because, most of the countries surrounding Palestine are traitors and servants of Israel.

As well as, Palestine land is governed by Zionists, the other Islam countries are governed with secularism. For this reason, Muslim folks are not able to help Palestanians in real terms. Then, the Muslim folks should firstly get rid of their secular regimes, so that, they afford helping Palestanians set free from Zionist occupation.

Oh Palestinian people! You should know that there are Kaafirs in your country and they are torturing you. All you know them so you can fight against them all together. In most of the Muslim countries, there are Munaafiq governors ruling over the Muslims. And the Muslims do not know their real face, and for this reason they do not make jihad against them. As you know the Munaafiqs are more dangerous than the Kaafirs.

It is not possible that the freedom of Palestine takes place, before the Muslims living in the countries around Palestine have achieved freedom.

Oh Muslims! You should know that our war that we do against the enemy Israel is hard and long. For this reason, our responsibility is to be equipped with Iman and patience. Because, help of Allah is based on patience and there is relief with every difficulty. Allah does not reduce your deeds (the reward) and the result is for those who conscious of Allah.

We say to the enemy Israel that surely we did not recognize Israel and will never recognize it.

We invite the Muslims all over the world, to help Al-Quds and their Palestanian brothers and establish nonintercourse with the enemy Israel.

As the Furkan Movement, we support the Palestanian people, pray for them and be tight-knit with them. We supplicate Allah Ta’ala to protect Palestanians and to help them against the enemies.